Thunders of bliss 

Outside my bedroom lightning strikes announce a summer rain.  The loud sounds of the thunders are only suffocated by the sounds coming from my heart. 

Knock, knock?

No answer.

Knock, knock?! 

A chuckle. 

Are you okay?! – I ask my heart. 

I’m thorned! 

 I hear my heart drying the tears  and recompose. Suddenly a louder noise follow by strong beats.

We will survive – he answered at the same time as the beats goes faster, louder, and consistently powerful! – we are coming back to win! 


Third romance ‘in the oven’

And the third romance is in the oven! Well, not the same oven used in bakery, but the imaginary publishing oven LOL

One year working on the romance – Temporarily entitled OBSESSED – and it’s over. I know say goodbye to Zahra, Maria and Silvia and hand them over to the publishers in Brazil who will work on the editing.

This time I decided to talk about relationships and the real meaning of love.

Two different woman living in different parts of Brazil engaging in unhealthy relationships. It’s my first time writing a story based in my home country, Brazil, and the first time writing in my mother language, Portuguese. It’s been a year where I was totally immersed in the character’s lives and I do hope they bring as much joy as they brought me.

I am now starting to focus on few projects at the same time: writing a play, writing my fourth book (this an autobiographic journey), and …. a pocket book (as they call in Brazil) with the quotes of all four books!

Vamos que Vamos (Brazilian for Let’s keep on moving!) =)

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A morte precoce da mãe virou uma depressão e uma adolescência conturbada. Trancado no quarto em São Paulo, o jovem Valter dos Santos se considerava uma vítima do universo. O escape era a automutilação. Até o plano do próprio suicídio, tentado num sábado de carnaval de 1990, com o consumo desenfreado de remédios e álcool. Três dias depois, Santos conta que acordou ouvindo vozes de uma mulher e um homem. “Ele já está bem. Podemos ir”, teria dito. Para Santos, a mãe o avô já mortos zelavam por ele.

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