Valter Dos Santos was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil. He has been living in London, UK, for the past ten years.
At the age of eight, Dos Santos had to cope with the loss of his mother, Mariluci, who passed away suddenly, the victim of a brain aneurism when she was at the tender age of thirty. Since a very young age, he started to look for answers which could give him the comfort for such a dramatic loss in his life. He found in the Spiritism doctrine all the comfort he needed to continue his life, knowing that the death of the human body doesn’t mean the end but only the passage of our spirit from the material world to the spiritual world.
He felt – and even saw – many times the presence of his deceased mother throughout his life. The most memorable and special experience was when, after recovering from a coma, he saw the spirits of his mother and his grandfather Benedito (who had passed away before Valter had been born). Both spirits had been around him and looking after his soul while his corporeal body had spent three days in a coma. Since then Valter Dos Santos has dedicated his life to studying both the Spiritism doctrine and the work of Allan Kardec.
His first romance, The Truth Never Dies, released in Europe and the USA in August 2012, was written with the intention to share with the readers all the comfort and peace he learnt from Spiritism. The romance quickly reached the number one spot in the Amazon US and UK lists (spiritual category). The author felt immensely grateful for all the support and care from his readers around the world, and especially for all the messages of support and encouragement that motivated him to continue writing.
Having lived in the UK for over ten years, Valter Dos Santos is very thankful to the country that welcomed him with so much warmth and gave him so many opportunities. He remembers that at the beginning things were difficult, needing a lot of hard work and determination. “I worked very hard doing jobs such as cleaning for companies and washing plates in restaurants. It wasn’t easy but I never thought of giving up on my dreams,” he says.
Nowadays Valter Dos Santos is a regional manager for a multinational company. He remembers his past with great emotion and is very grateful for every opportunity received in his life.
The author sends a message to his readers: Never give up your dreams. Throughout my life I heard a lot people telling me things like “You will never make it.” Many others even told me that I would never be able to write a book or get my manuscript published. I never paid attention to those people. I preferred to listen to my heart and to those who offered me words of support and motivation. Most importantly, I always kept my faith in God. I strongly believe that those who live with God within will never fail.


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