Love and Obsession

My latest romance discusses with the readers the difference between Love – true love – and Obsession.

We can only love someone by setting them free and wishing them happiness even though their happiness might mean to be apart from us.  Love is free of jealousy, possession…love isn’t selfish and above all, love doesn’t hut. Love heals.

I worked for over one and a half year on this new novel and I am very excited – more I ever been with a book launch. Why? What parent isn’t looking forward to have the entire world looking up their child and appreciate them?

Love and Obsession – or, Caged Sabia (English title) touches on a very delicate subject; verbal and psychological abuse in relationships. I believe that everyone knows a friend, a relative or a family member who suffers from domestic violence and therefore this book comes as humble and small light to try and bright the darkness many people are living in.

Brasil publication: Feb 2015.

English publication: April 2015.


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