To stay is to stuck

A basic routine can make us feel safe, settled, but it’s that a true feeling? Are we really safe when we stick to our day to day comfort zone? Wake up in the morning, have a rushed breakfast before rushing to the underground and commute to work, socialize with the sample people everyday, come back home late at night to crash down on the sofa watching the same television shows and repeat the same cycle everyday for the rest of our lives…Is that the big meaning of love? Have we been created – by whoever and or whatever you want to believe created the human race – with this simple purpose, to follow a structured routine that lead us to ear our daily bread and keep us alive?

More I travel more I reflect on the fact that there is so much in the Universe to be seen and to be experienced.With all the magnitude of the planet.

I came to Turkey for three days – booked the flight on a saturday morning and travelled on the following monday. Simply like that. Here I am, at the restaurant of the hotel watching the heavy snow fall outside in the streets of a place I never imagined when I was a child I would meet when adult.

Coming here with no agenda gave me an open mind to simply observe this new city and its fascinating people. It’s all so overwhelming to me; the language, the habits, the streets, the building, everything.

To travel is to go back to our childhood when every single day  presented us with a new learning. Everything is new, everything is intriguing and makes you challenge yourself. Everyday in a new country, experiencing a new culture is like being back to be a child and experience life with all that novelty and  fascination.

To stay with a narrow mind, adhered to our same old habits, is to get stuck.

We keep young when we accept that life is a daily school where you must be opened to the fact that you are very far from knowing all. We become old when we stop learning. Spiritually, physically and mentally we must continue to stimulate ourselves in this incredible journey called life.

For the new year, instead of making a huge list of things I want to be for the new year, I decided to do a different list this time, instead I am making a list of all the new things I want to LEARN.

Here for a  new year filled with new adventures and discovery.