The truth never dies

The idea of writing The Truth Never Dies came from the desire to share with others the comfort I found with the Spiritism doctrine and its teachings about the afterlife. I was only eight years old when my mother passed away and as it happens with everyone who has lost someone whom we deeply love, I went through a lot of suffering and pain. As everyone who has gone through this circumstances I also had to carry on my with life. When I was a kid I remember to go to bed at night, switch off the lights so my father wouldn’t see me and then when I knew no one was watching I would cry and beg for my mum to come back. I grew up pretending I was strong and pretending I could face it but deep down I was still that little boy waiting for mum to come back home. It was later in life that sorrow and sadness took over and I had to decide to go in search of the answers. Well, I found my strength and found my answers by deeply believing that our lives are infinite and that we are on a continuous evolutionary process. I still miss my mother as I do miss all the others whom I love and have passed away though the pain isn’t there anymore because I learnt that we don’t die. We only continue to progress. The separation is only temporary and I am sure of it. I confess it would be almost impossible for me to have continued with my life, being so positive, if it wasn’t for the assurance and certainty that we will all reunite again with those we dearly love and have already passed away. I hope this novel has served its purpose of comforting all of those who have been broken heart. Try and imagine death as the freedom of our spirits towards the way back home.


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